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Adobe Lightroom


Making photos perfectly balanced has never been easier on Android

Adobe  |  2 more applications - September 18, 2020
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Adobe Lightroom
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Many photo editing tools really try to offer many features to its users. There is almost nothing your average photo editor can't do with your photo. It can transform and morph it beyond recognition, but users often simply want to balance out light and color in their photo to make it more appealing.

Adobe Lightroom is a free Android app that is mainly used for light and color balance of your photo. It removes various effects that actually transform the image and you are left with a perfect tool to make your photo stand out without changing what it consists of. Before getting started yourself, you can even take part in several interactive tutorials.

This tutorials show how Adobe Lightroom can be used to fix images from certain scenarios such as Sunny Portrait, Landscape Photos, etc. Also, you can take inspiration from other users who have posted their photo edits. This is interactive as well as you can see how the photo changes from one effect to the next and you can do the same with your photo.

When it comes to photo editing, there isn't much to say and you should definitely check out everything the app has to offer. There are plenty of effects, filters, settings to tweak, and presets to try out. You can even create your own or import presets made by other users. Paid features include selective editing (editing only a portion of the photo), healing brush (deleting parts of the photo), and geometry (used to change the perspective of the photo).

• Available for free
• Simple to use
• Tutorials and editing replays from other users are very helpful
• Plenty of different effects, filters, and settings to change
• You can create or import presets to apply to many photos
• Nothing we could see


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• Android 5.0+

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